Terms of service

Cancelation & Refund

You are allowed to canel your order at any point in time. In deed we encourage you to cancel your order as soon as you take notice that you can not attend the event. The exact consequences and process of your cancelation depends on the timing of your request.

4 weeks before event
If your cancelation reaches us more then 4 weeks prior to the event, your booking is eligible for up to a full refund.

2 weeks before event
If your cancelation reaches us between 2 and 4 weeks prior to the event you can expect a refund of up to 50% of the original sum.

Less than 2 weeks before event
Sadly a combination of personalized items going into production and the convention staff focusing on preparing the final steps for the event, cancelations and/or refunds can not be processed from the deadline of two weeks before the event onwards. If you suspect you need to cancel your booking but are not sure please let us know in advance.


Good news and bad news. Bad one first. Your booking is personalized. Meaning you can not transfer or “sell” your ticket. The good news is: We can! It is possible to transfer your booking to a different person up until four weeks prior to the event. All your options and perks will be transferd as well.

Just to be clear: Any fraudulent or forged attempt of transfering a booking will result in a permanent ban from the event for all participating individuals and will be reportet.

Late payment

You get a four week deadline for your payment. Failure to pay in time will automaticaly suspend your booking and force me to look into it. This totaly unnecessary activity goes to the expense of our staffs time and will result in a processing charge of 5€. After said action you will receive an adjusted bill, payment deadline and corresponding request for payment. If you fail to pay/respond to the dunning three times you will be banned from the upcomming event.


You are privately accountable for your own actions. Be that damage to your or that of others material or ideal belongings. This includes but not exhausts physical and mental health of yourself and others.