Terms of service

Cancelation & Refund

Canelations of payed bookings are not possible. Please see our Transfer option below.


Good news and bad news. Bad one first. Your booking is personalized. Meaning you can not transfer or “sell” your ticket. The good news is: We can! It is possible to transfer your booking to a different person up until four weeks prior to the event. All your options and perks will be transferd as well.

Just to be clear: Any fraudulent or forged attempt of transfering a booking will result in a permanent ban from the event for all participating individuals and will be reportet.

Late payment

You get a four week deadline for your payment. Failure to pay in time will automaticaly suspend your booking and force me to look into it. This totaly unnecessary activity goes to the expense of our staffs time and will result in a processing charge of 5€. After said action you will receive an adjusted bill, payment deadline and corresponding request for payment. If you fail to pay/respond to the dunning again you will be banned from the upcomming event.

Rules of Conduct

  1. You are personally responsible for any damage you caused to property of the event, the venue or other attendees.
  2. TFI enforces no dresscode inside the resort boundaries. However TFI staff reserves the right to deem specific attire unfit and may ask you to refrain from wearing said outfit in public.
  3. No weapons or mock-ups.
  4. No sexual conduct outside the houses.
  5. Drug consumption is tolerated to the legal norm and decency of the attendee. Improper or illegal drug consumption is prohibited and can lead to an instantaneous ban from TFI.
  6. Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed areas.
  7. Please respect that Tropical Islands is located in a wildfire sensitive area. Therefore open fire, explicitly fire from solid or liquid fuels is strictly prohibited!
  8. By attending TFI you agree to be photographed or videographed. TFI reserves the right to use any such content created at TFI for public and commercial purposes.
  9. Be aware of the right of publicity (Recht am eigenen Bild) of the people you take photos of.
    1. Failure to respect personal rights can lead to severe legal consequences.
  10. Your interactions with others are based on equal consent. Failure to respect others’ privacy and/or boundaries can be followed by a ban from TFI.
  11. In Germany nighttime peace is set to begin at 10PM. TFI tolerates moderate parties up until midnight but reserves the right to stop any partying deemed excessive. For party wing houses this timeframe extends to 3AM. However, the above statement applies to party wing houses as well.
  12. Your request to become a party wing house can be denied.
  13. Tropical Islands management prohibits the use of high powered equipment foreign to the homes. This includes but is not limited to EV charging, PA/AV equipment and general equipment consuming more than 3A AC. Exemptions may be discussed.
  14. You may ask for permission to sell your own products at TFI.
  15. Tropical Islands has access limitations surrounding its resorts. Watch out for signs along your hiking route. Failure to respect restricted areas can lead to a ban from TFI.
  16. Check-In is provided from 10AM to 8PM starting on Wednesday and ending on friday. Individual Check-In slots at the weekend can be provided on request. Housekeys are available starting from Wednesday 4PM.
  17. I assure to only give true and correct information to the organizers of TFI.
  18. A ban is the equivalent of a restraining order prohibiting access to the venue of TFI (Tropical Islands Amazonia Resort) and its surrounding real estate. A ban can either be pronounced by the organizers of TFI or the venue’s management and acts mutually. A ban during the event or before it takes immediate effect and can be extended to any future event of the covering organization (Verein zur Förderung anthropomorpher Kunst e.V.).
  19. Rules and orders by TIM (Tropical Islands management) are more binding then those of TFI. 
  20. You agree to comply with orders of staff members of TFI.