During reg you can either book a whole house and build roomshares with your friends or choose to join an open roomshare without booking a house for yourself.

Prices are build from the Con fee, your accommodation, sponsor options and additional options.

Con fee
The Con fee of 15€ will pay for rented equipment, community rooms, insurance and taxes. You will be granted an early birds discount for the first two weeks after registration opens, after which the Con fee will be increased to 25€.

Sponsor addons help us to pay for small things like ice cream and slush ice. There are just a lot of things that are too small to list and account everybody for. Sponsors help us make these things happen anyways! Thank you! 😀

BTW. Supersponsors will get the opportunity to attend tours inside or outside the dome! You will be invited to see the technical internals of Tropical Islands or the fire brigade. Fursuits explicitly allowed! The specific availabillity of the tours is limited by TIs staff and group sizes. You can select between multiple time slot options during the registration process.

As stated above: You are booking a whole house for yourself! It’s your job to find room share partners. If you already have a bed at somebodies house: Don’t book accommodation!

You can select from three options: Standard 4, Premium 4, de Luxe 6. More info under About TFI

StandardPremiumde Luxe
Main Days1.005€1.125€1.550€